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How Much You Love Me ?

She: Tell me, how much you love me ?
He: Can’t measure …
She: Then why do you love me?
He: #Love never needs reason …
She: Really ? But i know the answer.
He: What ? Then how much you love me ? Tell !
She: Infinitive.
He: Why do you love me ?

She: Because you are the reason i breath with love and my heart beats and keeps me alive in this world…
He: Now i wanna say you something. (Love in Eyes)
She: What ?
He: I don’t know any answer i just know i love you and i want you to stay with me two times. Now and Forever. (holding her hand)
She: Why ? (smiling with tears)
He: You are more then love to me … you are the world to me!! (hug her with love and peace)

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